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EPM West Group

entertainment management


EPM West Group is an entertainment company involved in the representation, promotion and management of talent in the fields of acting (television, film, stage, animation and voice over), literature, art, modeling, music (solo artist and bands), makeup artist, hairstylist, wardrobe stylist, photography, and adult entertainment.

Our group of companies and brands includes:

  EPM West Talent Management

 Fashionista Modeling

 iTeen Modeling

 Fashionista Teens

  Third Coast Models

 Teen Fashionistas

 Destructive Models

 Destructive Teens

 Pin-ups America


 BE Music Today

  Third Coast Teens

  Lingerie Pin-ups

  After Midnight Models (adult modeling/NSFW)

  Fashionista a la Mode

  Bob B photography

  Glam St. Photography






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